GP 600 M2

Successful grassland management is the basis for good forage quality and high yields. The GP 600 M2 Grassland Pro Harrow is characterised by a short and compact design and is particularly suitable for larger areas and for use across farms.


How it works

Levelling - Harrowing - Aerating - Sowing - Rolling

With the Grassland Pro Harrow, you can carry out all the steps of grassland maintenance with just one pass. The harrow and roller can be used in combination. The GP 600 M2 has 2 to 4 rows of tines. The unique combination of strong 12 mm and 8 mm tines ensures optimum tillage of the sward. Due to the numerous adjustment possibilities, the GP 600 M2 achieves optimal results.

Frame construction and folding

The structure or folding of the tool field is a two-part-system. Both units can adapt to the ground conditions during travel and are each guided safely in depth by the lower links and the trailing roller. The roller segments are arranged in a line on the machine to enable turning and manoeuvring "on the roller". The frame has been designed to accommodate pneumatic APV seeders with a capacity of 500 to 800 litres.

Setting options

The GP 600 M2 offers a wide range of adjustment options. For example, the height of the levelling plate can be adjusted via a crank.
The working intensity of the tines is adjusted without tools and mechanically via the hole guide. The working depth of the tines is adjusted via hydraulic cylinders/hydroclips on the roller or feeler wheels. Additional fine adjustment of the working depth/harrow intensity during travel can be adjusted via the lift height of the lower links. An intensive setting for harrowing and aeration or for gentle grassland rehabilitation is available.



  • Intensity of the harrow rows individually adjustable for an exact working result
  • Exact depth control by roller or feeler wheels (optional) behind the harrows
  • Precise adjustment to all conditions through many tool combination options
  • Precise adjustment to different soil conditions via the lower links - also possible while driving




  • Versatile applications due to different tine combinations for grassland and arable farming.
  • The ideal pneumatic seeder from 500-800 litres depending on requirements
  • Different rollers can be selected according to requirements
  • Optional feeler wheels for perfect harrowing results when working without rollers
  • Easy disassembly of the rollers
  • Can be used with APV pneumatic seeders PS 500 M2 - PS 800 M1 with electric or hydraulic fan



All adjustment positions are easily accessible, easy and comprehensible to operate

  • Fine adjustment of the harrow intensity also possible via the lower links while driving
  • Levelling plate adjustable with crank without effort
  • Good accessibility to the seeder and all maintenance positions due to maintenance bar
  • Manoeuvrable


Application areas of the
GP 600 M2

Three double-acting control units required for undercarriage, folding and roller adjustment.
A single-acting control unit with a pressureless return is necessary when configured with a pneumatic seeder with hydraulic fan.