Tined Weeder Pro VS

With its unique tine spring system, the Tined Weeder Pro perfectly adjusts to the soil and protects the cash crop at the highest level. Tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels. As a result, even crops planted on ridges and mounds, such as the potatoes, can easily be harrowed. The tine pressure remains consistant, whether it is on the top or sides of the mounds, or in the furrows. The VS Pro‘s harrow tines can not only be lifted, but also - as opposed to conventional Tined Weeders - are indirectly spring-loaded to pivot within the frame. The advantage being that the tines can only move up or down and not side to side - a truly unique weed removal experience!


Benefits of the Tined Weeder Pro VS

  • Sophisticated tine spring system guarantees identical tine pressure throughout the entire spring span

  • Each tine has its own indicidual spring system
  • Hydraulic tine pressure setting
  • 0.8” longer wear tip in comparison to the competitor‘s product, resulting in longer life span
  • Crops planted on mounds are protected, since the spring unit is mounted above the frame giving a higher passage for cover crops

  • No lateral deflection of the tines even if ground is uneven, has furrows, or if crops are planted on mounds

VS 150 M1 | VS 300 M1

Kulturpflege mit dem 3 Meter Variostriegel VS 300 M1

Ideal for special crops and vegetable growing - the new widths of the Tined Weeder Pro are suitable for removing weeds from crops in bed cultivation.



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VS 470 | VS 600 M1

Vorschaubild von Variostriegel VS 600 M1

In good conditions, the Tined Weeder Pro can be adapted well to the soil conditions and accordingly, the weeding success was clearly visible.

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VS 750 M1

Vorschaubild von APV Variostriegel VS 750 M1

The Tined Weeder Pro VS adjusts with its unique tine spring system to the soil and protects the culture plant at the highest level. As a result, crops planted on ridges, such as the potato, can also be harrowed. The tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels.

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VS 900 M1

Vorschaubild von Variostriegel VS 900 M1

The harrow tine, in contrast to the conventional Tined Weeders, is indirectly spring-loaded and pivots within the frame. The benefit of this is that the tine can only move downwards and upwards and not to left or right → a unique weed removal experience.

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VS 1200 M1

Variostriegel VS1200 M1 - mechanische Beikrautregulierung

With the tine spring system the tines can be lifted so that harrowing is possible even in sensitive crops or in sensitive crop stages. This enlarges the time window, because the tine pressure can be reduced to the tine’s net weight and thus no breaks for harrowing are required in sensitive plant stages. The hydraulic tine pressure adjustment is available as standard on the APV Tined Weeder Pro and ensures stepless adjustment of the pressure.

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