Grassland Pro Harrow

Grassland maintenance and rehabilitation are the foundation of high quality feed. With the Grassland Pro Harrow both is possible: smooth and a very intensive processing of green areas. For the intensive version we recommend the models GP 300 M1 and GP 600 M1, which are ready for use all year round.
Because of the unique combination of 12 mm tines and 8 mm tines, the field of grass is optimally dethatched and weeded. The trailing roller asures the reconsolidation and soil contact with the seeds.

The most efficient method of reseeding

The Grassland Pro Harrow is characterized by four rows of tines. Due to the 0.6 in (12 mm) thick tines in the first two rows and the possibility to let the weight of the roller bear on the tines, it is possible to pull out overgrown grass or large quantities of weeds aggressively. Because of to the multiple adjustment possibilities of the GP, you are ready for any type of application during cross-farm operation. From smooth overseeding to intensive grassland rehabilitation, depending on existing crops and the customer’s needs.

Benefits of the Grassland Pro Harrow

  • The Grassland Pro Harrow has a spring-mounted levelling plate for levelling molehills or asperities.
  • Followed by two harrow sections with cranked spring tines of various thicknesses. This combination is unique in agricultural engineering.
  • The tools can be used individually (for example only the roller) or in combination with other tools, depending on the application.
  • The combination of 5 work passes (levelling, pulling out, seeding, harrowing and rolling.) in one!

GP 300 M1

APV Grünlandprofi GP 300 M1

Full efficiency for reseeding

Six Tasks in One Pass: Grass & pasture rehabilitation in our 9'8''-wide implement: The Grassland Pro Harrow meets today‘s requirements of intensive maintenance of meadows in professional farming and contracting. With its unique combination of strong 0.6 in (12 mm) and 0.4 in (8 mm) tines the turf is optimally processed. The trailing roller asures the reconsolidation and soil contact with the seeds.

About the product

GP 600 M2

APV Grünlandprofi GP 600 M2

The versatile

The Grassland Pro Harrow GP 600 M2 is ideal for large-scale meadow maintenance, reseeding and reseeding of grasses. The unique combination of strong 12 mm tines and 8 mm tines ensures optimum tillage of the sward. The GP 600 M2 is also popular for inter-farm use. With the Grassland Pro Harrow, you can complete all the steps of grassland maintenance with just one pass. The harrow and roller can be used in combination.

About the product

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