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News: From APV & Around the Industry

December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

It's exciting to see this kind of transition to cover crops. What a great discussion from Iowa Farmer Today! Hoping to see results from this farmer's test acreage of oats into soybeans. Why is APV so interested? Because this is exactly the kind of seeding that APV's PS Series helps to accomplish, as well as the radishes, turnips and cereal rye discussed in the articles. And our "change-in-minutes" metering rolls make applying different seeds to different acres a snap. We make the PS Series because we know efficient, effective seeding is critical to getting value from cover crops, and that cover crops done well provide a lot of value to farmers. Thank you for sharing!
December 5–7, 2017

December 5–7, 2017

We are set up and ready to greet you at the Nebraska Power Farming Show Tuesday (today) through Thursday. Come by and watch video of all of our implements in action! See it all on screen and get your questions answered by our experts. We have great cover crop and field maintence options and want to learn from you how we can best serve you. Come by Booth 3111 in Pavilion 3... can't wait to meet you! (And, grab a free APV drawstring backpack for your show swag... while they last.)
December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017

We are on our way to the Nebraska Power Farming Show in Lincoln. This is a great opportunity to see products from each of our major lines: pasture harrows, separable harrows (great for hilly terrain), air seeders and broadcast spreaders. Nebraska Power is the second largest indoor farm show in the US, and brings together important exhibitors, speakers and producers. You can find our profile and Booth 3111 in Pavilion 3 on the Exhibitor Map. We look forward to seeing current colleagues and making new acquaintances starting tomorrow!
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