Single Disc Spreader

The plastic hopper lowers the weight of the entire spreader. It holds the spreading material, which reaches the metering shutter securely through an agitator. You can control the spreading rate with the continuous metering shutter. The spreading material falls on the spreading disc and is distributed equally across the working width. The speed of the spreading disc and working width are easily adjustable with the control box from the driver’s seat.


Benefits of the Single Disc Spreader

  • Fast and straightforward assembly
  • Ideal price-performance ratio
  • User-friendly thanks to simple instructions
  • Ready to use at delivery: Extensive standard scope of delivery (wiring, control box, mounting parts, etc.)
  • Uniform distribution of seeds across the desired working width

KS 40 M2

Vorschau des Kleinstreuers KS 40 M2

The Disc Spreader for small working widths

The compact Mini Spreader KS 40 M2 is versatile in use thanks to its low weight. The seed hopper has a volume of 1.4 cu (40 l) for the output of low quantities of spreading material. Use the KS for the output of small seeds - such as seeding a lawn, cultivating cover crops (e.g. mustard), or for spreading slug pellets.

About the product

ES 100 M1 Classic

Vorschau des Einscheibenstreuers ES 100 M1 Classic

The practical universal spreader

The Single Disc Spreader ES 100 M1 Classic is ideal for the output of cover crops (e.g. mustard), grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules.

About the product

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