Skid Steer Attachment

Introducing the first skid steer attached precision rate controlled seeder to be used in the construction, municipality, reclamation, and landscape industries.
This new machine offers the same great features of our GK 250 M1 and GW 250 M1 pasture rehab machines. 

Whether you need to seed or fertilize a road side, landfill, construction site, golf course, or pipeline we now have the most efficient and precision rate controlled application on the market.

Benefits of the Skid Steer Attachment

  • Leveling, dethatching, shallow weeding, aeration, and seeding with excellent seed-to-soil contact 
  • Quick and easy to attach and operate
  • Save money and time compared to methos like no-till drills, spinners or hydroseeding

Skid Steer Attachment

Fast and easy solution

The skid steer attachment is designed to be a fast solution, simple enough for any operator to use which will benefit you by safing time and money!

About the product