PS 800 M1

The PS 800 M1 is a professional grade implement for seeding cover crops or pasture, such as grass, alfalfa or hay. With a 28.2 cu ft/22.7 bushel hopper volume, the PS 800 has sufficient capacity to keep you in the field longer. It can reduce total in-field time since it can be combined and fitted to an existing cultivator or mounted on the APV Machine Carrier MT2, thereby allowing you to complete two functions in one pass. Large seed and small seed blends can be sown, including annual ryegrass, cereal rye and wheat!


The seeds are fed from the seed tank via the electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. Here, the seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This enables precise seeding even by windy conditions!


  • Exact lateral distribution throughout the working width
  • Precise spreading of seed, irrespective of wind


  • Easy filling due to large hopper opening for big bag filling
  • Reversible hopper cover


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management with sensors 1 (optional)
  • Large discharge port

1 For use with the Controllers 5.2 & 6.2



Application areas of
PS 800 M1

The Pneumatic Seeder in action


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