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The Multi-Metering System MDD combines the advantages of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader: Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seed is spread using a spreading plate - optimal for slug pellets across large working widths as well as for spreading various cover crops. Due to the diverse assembly options and the simple and quick mounting and conversion on different soil tillage implements, the MDD can be used several times a year for a wide range of applications.


The "D" stands for "Disc". The seed is precisely metered by a seeding shaft and is then spread by a spreading disc, and is particularly suitable for large working widths. The geometry and the spreading plate are exactly the same as on the ES 100 M3 Special, resulting in optimal lateral distribution values (tested by the Irstea Institute, e.g. variation coefficient (VC) < 12% for a working width of 91.8 ft (28m) using Metarex slug pellets).

The most significant advantage of the spreader is the metering shaft under the hopper. It meters the seed evenly into a collection funnel. The metering shaft is driven by a gear motor. The V-shaped agitator over the metering shaft is driven by a rubber drive belt. The spreader disc including the impact point adjustment lies under the collection funnel, which allow the spreading cone to be adjusted.


CAUTION! The maximum spread rate is around 11lbs (5 kg) per min for slug pellets. This can be lower depending on the shape and density of the seed.
The spreader is not suitable for corrosive (fertilising) agents.
Currently cannot be operated with control module 3.2.


  • "High end" slug pellet spreader
  • Speed-dependent spreading of catch crops
  • Adjusting the working width AND the spread rate from the driver's seat
  • Precise speed and rate adaptation (using the seeding shaft)


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management 2 (with sensors)
  • Smallest to large quantities can be metered with absolute precision (various seed wheel shapes and amounts possible)


  • Simple calibration test (with standing and folded disc)
  • Possibility of installing a fill level sensor 1 (optional) and a calibration button 2 (optional)
  • Seeding shafts suitable for common applications are included in the Items
  • Can be converted to MDP or MDG

1 For use with the Controller 1.2 & 5.2
2 For use with the Controller 5.2



Application areas of
MDD 40 M1 | MDD 100 M1

The Multi-Metering System in action

APV operators about MDD

MDD 100 M1
Simply top!

Main focus of the company: Arable farming, pig breeding

Country: Austria (AT)

Conclusion: I use the spreader for intercropping in September to October for 80% greening of the Glöz6 standard in conjunction with the plow on heavy soil. I am very satisfied with the result and the spreader, as I can accurately adjust the spread pattern and spread rate from the tractor. Rate control via speed signal from the 7-pin signal socket on the tractor. Simply TOP !!!!!!
Very accurate spreading possible.

Original language: German




Austrian farmer reports about his GP 300 M1, PS 300 M1 and MDD 100 M1

"The products are versatile and very easy to use. I use the GP300M1 in grassland and arable farming and  I am more than satisfied with the result. The PS300M1 and MDD 100 M1 are also simple in construction and very easy to control. The APV products are well thought out and very robustly built."

Mr.Klaus, farmer from Austria



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Mr Wiesbeck reports about the MDD 100 M1

 „The speed-adjusted work of a disc spreader is a tremendous relief for the exact application of my slug pellet.""

M. Wiesbeck, Farmer




Der Multidosierer MDD 100 M1 aufgebaut auf einem Quad

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