PS 300 M1 D TWIN

The PS 300 M1 D TWIN makes it possible to spread two entirely different seed types with one implement. The hopper is divided in the middle by a partition wall. The Controlelr 5.7 controls each seeding shaft side separately, which means the spread rate is kept constant.


The 10.59 cu. ft. hopper is divided by a centre partition into two chambers with a volume of 5.29 cu. ft. each. The PS includes a divided meteri roll powered by two independent drive motors. It is possible, to equip one half of the meter roll with fine metering cartridges and the other with coarse metering cartridges. As a result, two different seed sizes in different quantities can be applied precisely. With the air flaps it is possible to adapt the air quantity to the different seeds. Controller 5.7 makes it possible to control each half of the meter roll separately. Therefore, a calibration test is possible for each half of the meter roll. An additional function is the use of two fill level sensors in order to recognise which hopper side is empty.


  • Completely non-corrosive (CDP coating) as Pneumatic Seeders Fertilizer Edition
  • Better overall sealing than PS Standard
  • Divided steel hopper
  • Divided seeding shaft with one gearbox motor each


  • Possibility to spread fertilizer, micro granules, pesticides and cover crops
  • Universal mounting options on soil tillage implements, seed drills, single grain machines or culture maintenance implements - irrespective of manufacturer



  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management with sensors 1 (optional)
  • Fill level monitoring1 in each hopper half
  • One air flap per seeding shaft for individual air regulation
  • Agitator drive via gear wheel (can be switched off)


1 For use with the Controller 5.7



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PS 300 M1 D

The Pneumatic Seeder TWIN in action

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