The big harrow comparison test 2023

In the hotly contested professional harrow market, there are now several suppliers of harrows with indirectly sprung tines. Landwirt-Media has now provided an independent overview of some of the largest suppliers with an extremely detailed and well-structured harrow comparison test.
The APV Tined Weeder Pro harrow was one of the test candidates with the objectively best result.

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There 5 harrows were tested

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How the test was performed

All manufacturers of exact harrows advertise their devices as having the same tine pressure over the entire spring travel and that the tines are very true to track, i.e. can hardly move to the side (which is a prerequisite for all-over work). Both of these and several other parameters were checked on the test rig together with the measurement technicians from BLT Wieselburg (A). The practical part of the comparative test was carried out in the complete 2022 harrow season in the Oberwart area (southern Burgenland (A)).

Two long-time and appropriately experienced organic arable farmers put the five test candidates through their paces:

  • From grain harrowing in April
  • to the tricky blind harrowing of soybeans (with 45, 50 and 70 cm row spacing) and pumpkins
  • to row spacing of corn (75 cm) and soybeans in June.

The result

The APV Tined Weeder Pro harrow was absolutely convincing in the test, as the following table also shows. This test result was obtained in completely independent tests and was in no way influenced by APV itself (apart from the development of an absolutely efficient harrow).

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