PS 500 M2

The PS 500 M2* is an excellent seeder for farmers and contractors with medium to large areas to be seeded and cultivated at the same time. It can be mounted on virtually any soil tillage implements. The fill level sensor**, factory installed, indicates when the seed level is getting low.

Also available in a corrosion-resistant PS 500 M2 D Fertilizer Edition, which can spread corrosive fertilizers, pesticides and other microgranules.  The D Fertilizer Edition is hermetically sealed and cathodic dip coated (CDC; except the hydraulic fan) for corrosion resistance. Fertilizer applications are completed at a lower rate than seeding.


The seeds are fed from the seed tank via the electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. Here, the seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This enables precise seeding even by windy conditions!


*Requires a compatible Controller.
**For use with Controller 5.2


  • Exact lateral distribution throughout the working width
  • Precise spreading of seed, irrespective of wind


  • Multiple options to adjust the PS to your needs, due to a wide selection of seeding shafts, types of fan, outlets, etc.
  • Mounting option on almost all soil tillage implements, seeders and culture maintenance implements - irrespective of manufacturer


  • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management with sensors 1 (optional)

1 For use with the Controllers 5.2 & 6.2



Application areas of
PS 500 M2

The Pneumatic Seeder in action

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