VS 1200 M1

The VS Tined Weeder Pro 1200 M1 adjusts with its unique tine spring system to the soil and protects the culture plant at the highest level. The Tined Weeder Pro with 8 mm tines with a 1.38 in spacing apply the same tine pressure on the ground even at different tine levels. This enables harrowing of crops planted on ridges such as potatoes. The tine pressure is same on the ridge crowns, ridge flanks and in the furrow.
With the tine spring system the tines can be lifted so that harrowing is possible even in sensitive crops or in sensitive crop stages. This enlarges the time window, because the tine pressure can be reduced to the tine’s net weight and thus no breaks for harrowing are required in sensitive plant stages. The hydraulic tine pressure adjustment is available as standard on the APV Tined Weeder Pro and ensures stepless adjustment of the pressure.


The tines penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 0.8 in - 1.2 in to break up and crumble the top soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted. The main focus of harrowing is to reduce weeds before they reach the two leaf stadium of growth. While the tines move over the soil, growing weeds in germination stage will be covered with soil or pulled out and discarded on top of the soil where they wither and die off. This means that approximately 90% of the weeds are decimated.


  • Sophisticated tine spring system guarantees identical tine pressure throughout the entire spring span
  • Each tine has its own individual spring system
  • The tines can be pre-loaded, and tines can also be lifted
  • No lateral deflection of the tines even if ground is uneven, has furrows, or if crops are planted on mounds



  • Longer wear tip → longer lifetime
  • Tine pressure adjustment can be reduced continuously down all the way to zero

  • Crops planted on mounds are protected, since the spring unit is mounted above the frame giving a higher passage for cover crops

  • Feeler wheels can also be adjusted on the track or the row spacing




  • Hydraulic tine pressure setting
  • Clearly visible scale for setting the tine pressure
  • Hydraulic folding with series connection of the cylinder
    - when folding the machine, the outer side frames fold   up to the inner side frames and then to a 90 degree high position
    - unfolding is done in the reverse order of folding up

  • Adjustment handle for feeler wheels integrated in wheel mount



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VS 1200 M1

The VS Tined Weeder Pro
1200 M1 in action

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Tined Weeder Pro VS 1200 M1 in winter barley

Farm focus: arable farming




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