ZS 200 M4

Due to its design and various control functions, the ZS 200 M4 is THE slug pellet spreader.The independently driven spreading impellers provide an absolutely symmetrical spread pattern and maintains this pattern with larger working widths. The ZS 200 M4 offers a precise alternative for the seeding of cover crops, grass reseeding, granular nutrient application and slug pellet spreading (up to 90 feet). The seeding can be performed in one pass with soil tillage.


The plastic hopper ensures the low weight of the entire spreader. It holds the spreading material, which securely reaches the metering shutter through an agitator. You can control the spread rate with the stepless metering shutter. The spreading material falls on the spreading disc and is distributed equally across the working width. The speed of the spreading disc and working width are easily adjustable with the control box from the driver’s seat.


  • Slug pellet spreader with the largest working width and the best lateral distribution on the market (certified by independent institutes / specialist publications)
  • Symmetric spreading pattern and lateral distribution (according to the testing institute IRSTEA)
  • Point of impact adjustment for both spreading discs in order to obtain an optimal spreading pattern


  • Boundary spreading function
  • Protection of the spreading material / seeds by the slowly rotating agitator


  • Large ground coverage due to the 7.0 cu (200 l) hopper capacity
  • Adjustment of spreading width and amount while driving

Application areas of
ZS 200 M4

The Twin Disc Spreader in action

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