MDG 40 M1 I MDG 100 M1

With its compact design and precise metering, the Multi-Metering System MDG is ideally configured for spreading seed or pellets without air. Therefore, the MDG model series is especially well-suited as an additional metering unit on an existing seeder, for the placement or metering of pellets, mouse bait or slug pellets in one field pass alongside soil tillage. Silage additives can be directly metered in with the grass harvest.


The "G" stands for "gravitation". Its function and use are similar to those of a Pneumatic Seeder, however, the metered material is only metered and then spread without air (without a fan, only through gravitation). This spreader is particularly suitable for pellets which are metered into an existing air current or can be spread based on gravity (e.g. mouse bait, silage additives, slug pellets, ...).


  • Precise lateral distribution due to individual seeding shafts for each outlet
  • Metering unit made of stainless steel
  • Possibility of speed and tractor linkage sensors 2 (optional)
  • Possibility of installing a fill level sensor 1 and a calibration button 2 (optional)

1 For use with the Control Box 1.2 & 5.2
2 For use with the Control Box 5.2




  • Quantity adjustment while driving
  • Control box with power connection using 3-pin socket
  • Seeding shafts suitable for common applications are included in the items included


  • Can be converted to MDS or MDP
  • Opening for residual emptying
  • Large filling opening
  • Compact and versatile metering unit
  • Easy calibration

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MDG 40 M1 I MDG 100 M1

The Multi-Metering System in action

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