Multi-Metering System

The Multi-Metering System (MD) series arose from the idea of combining the best features of our most popular products. We use the metering unit from our Pneumatic Seeders and combine it with different spreading methods. For us, the "two in one" principle means putting together excellent product features to make one exceptional seeder or spreader. This results in different types of Multi-Metering Systems - versatile products for diverse farming applications!



The versions of the Multi-Metering Systems

As standard, the Multi-Metering Systems are available in four versions. As an option, these versions can be variably upgraded and converted. For example, you can turn your Multi-Metering System with spreading disc into a pneumatic spreading device in just a few quick steps!


  • Multi-Metering System MDS: The "S" stands for "spreader".
    The seed is precisely metered by a seeding shaft and is then spread by a spreading disc, and is particularly suitable for large working widths, e.g. up to 91.8 ft. for slug pellets.
  • Multi-Metering System MDP: The „P“ stands for „pneumatic“.
    Its function and use are similar to those of a classic Pneumatic Seeder, the Multi-Metering System offers 6 outlets for a working width of up to 14.7 ft.
  • Multi-Metering System MDG: The „G“ stands for „gravitation“.
    Its function and use are also similar to those of a Pneumatic Seeder, however, the metered material is only metered and then spread without air (without a fan, only through gravitation). This spreader is particularly suitable for pellets which are metered into an existing air current or can be spread based on gravity (e.g. mouse bait, silage additives, slug pellets, ...).

MDS 40 M1 | MDS 100 M1

Kategoriebild des Multidosierers MDS 100 M1

Combines the advantages of Pneumatic Seeders and Disc Spreaders

The Multi-Metering System MDS combines the advantages of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader: Precise (speed-dependent) metering using a rotary feeder and distribution of the seed over a large working width with the spreading plate - ideal for slug pellets, but also for various cover crops. Due to the diverse assembly options and the simple and quick mounting and conversion on different soil tillage implements, the MDS can be used several times a year for a wide range of applications.

About the product

MDP 40 M1 I MDP 100 M1

Vorschau des Multidosierer MDP 100 M1

The extension to the PS Series

The Multi-Metering Systems of the MDP Series are similar in use and function to the Pneumatic Seeders of the PS-Series. Due to its compact construction and the varied mounting options, this type covers a wide range of applications. The MDP is very well suited for spreading all the usual small seeds, seed mixtures and slug pellets, as well as for reseeding the grassland.

About the product

APV operators about Multi-Metering Systems

MDP 100 M1
Mr Doninger reports about the MDP 100 M1

"The MDP in combination with my cultivator is the perfect match for seeding cover crops."

M. Doninger, Farmer




Der Multidosierer MDP 100 M1 beim Anbau von Zwischenfrüchten
Mr Wiesbeck reports about the MDS 100 M1

 „The speed-adjusted work of a disc spreader is a tremendous relief for the exact application of my slug pellet.""

M. Wiesbeck, Farmer




Der Multidosierer MDS 100 M1 aufgebaut auf einem Quad

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