RH 600 M1

The rotating hoe rings of the RH 600 M1 bury or uproot the weeds, promote the tillering and introduce oxygen into the soil. Due to the rotating rings, the tines remain free of plant and soil material. The hoe rings are variably adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees and thus guarantee an ideal work result.

Functional principle

A robust frame with 2 guide wheels allow the implement to run smoothly over your field. The operational success is ensured by 0.24 in (6 mm) thick spring steel pins. The hoe rings are individually suspended and can adapt individually to the ground undulations. As a result, the RH 600 M1 works uniformly across the full area.
You achieve optimal work results, since you can adjust the contact pressure and the inclination of the hoe rings according to the requirements.



  • Finely adjustable degree of efficacy through the inclined position of the rings (adjustable inclination of each individual ring from 0-30° in 5° increments)
  • Arms can be folded up individually with the quick lifting device, e.g.: in row crops (corn, etc.)
  • Each individual arm also works optimally in the negative range (important to also work in the tractor track)
  • Individual adaptation of the hoe rings for ground undulations thanks to separate suspension


  • Low pulling force requirement
  • Ring spacing can be variably adjusted in pairs
  • The working elements can also be completely removed from the frame
  • Track width of the guide wheels can be variably adjusted from 3 ft to 6.9 ft
  • Only hoe ring technology across the entire working width (no supplementary hoe harrow tines)
  • Excellent work results even with larger amounts of organic residues (e.g.: mulch seed crops)


  • Central contact pressure adjustment with the top link
  • No clogging of the hoe with strong weed populations
  • Maintenance-free bearing of all working elements
  • No additional handling for road transport (if the working elemements are limited in the negative range)
  • Prevention of lateral pull forces thanks to the inverted arrangement of the working rings

Application areas of
RH 600 M1

A double-acting control unit is required for folding



The Rotary Hoe
RH 600 M1 in action

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