Skid Steer Attachment

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Offering the same great features of our Grassland Roller GW 250 and our Comination Harrow GK 250 this precision seeder is ideal for your road side, landfill, construction site, golf course and pipeline projects.

Cambridge or toothed ring rollers made by APV are the perfect implements for professional grassland and field operations for improving the soil closure and thus the seed germination. Both types of rollers can be used perfectly well in field and grassland operations, achieving a good, crumbly seedbed structure, as well as optimal reconsolidation.

In addition, the GK 250 M1 model is ideally suited for pasture management—including reseeding and new seeding of grasses. The sod is optimally prepared by the 0.5 inch tines and the seed is directly pressed down by the trailing roller. On level and steep terrain, the GK Combination Harrow can be separated for greater efficiency and operational control and comes with a PS Series Air Seeder.



  • Optimal soil adjustment of the roller through movable roller rings


  • Combine the work passes (levelling, combing out, seeding, combing in and rolling), as you require
  • Can be used on a variety of different sites and terrains 


  • Easyily attachable and removable from your skid steer
  • The roller and harrow of the GK 250 M1 can be divided, fastened, and mounted without tools
  • The operations of the GK 250 M1 can be freely combined, e.g., only level and roll or only harrow and roll, etc.


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