GP 600 M1

The Grassland Pro Harrow GP 600 M1 is perfectely suited for large surface meadow cultivation, for reseeding and the new seeding of grass. Due to the unique combination of 0.6 in (12 mm) and 0.4 in (8 mm) tines, the sward is optimally processed. The GP 600 M1 can also be used in cross-farm operation.


With the Grassland Pro Harrow, you can handle all steps required for grassland maintenance in one pass. It combines harrow and roller in one. The levelling plate levels molehills and distributes the soil equally. Due to this preliminary work, the tines are able to work optimally. They comb out weeds and matting and aerate the turf. With the Pneumatic Seeder you are able to sow the desired seeds of forage grasses in the open soil and afterwards, the roller presses the seeds into the ground.


  • The Grassland Pro Harrow is the most efficient method of reseeding in crop farming.
  • Level molehills or asperities with the spring-mounted levelling plate.



  • The combination of 6 tasks in 1 pass: level, dethatch, weed, aerate, reseed, and ensure seed to soil contact!
  • Combine the APV Grassland Pro Harrow with a Pneumatic Seeder from APV.
  • Multiple adjustment options: Obtain an optimal result for all requirements.



  • Both the roller and the harrow can be lifted separately in order to load the other tool with additional weight.


Application areas of
GP 600 M1

The Grassland Pro Harrow
GP 600 M1 in action

APV operators about GP 600 M1

GP 600 M1
Hofgut Albführen reports about the GP 600 M1

"The solid and good workmanship of the machine has convinced. Likewise, the Grassland Pro Harrow is used in grassland and agriculture. In the spring we use the GP for harrowing and seeding of the pastures and meadows. After the grain harvest, it is used for greening and in the fall depending on the condition again to grassland reseeding."

Hofgut Albführen, Horsefarm




Anwender, Grünlandprofi GP 600 M1 im Einsatz
APV plants wheat in the Sahara in Algeria

Juicy green shines the wheat in the Algerian Sahara. Not only our user was happy with the result, also we were very surprised that the attempt brings so great returns. For these conditions, even a considerable 80-90% of the seed has been absorbed.

Here are a few facts about the project:
Cultivation: 220 kg / ha durum, 50 g / 1000 grains
Piece target: 450 pieces seed / m2
Condition: sand bottom irrigation by turning point
Driving speed: 8 km / h 390 ha were cultivated

Sahara greening project, Algeria




Anwender, Grünlandprofi GP 600 M1 in der Sahara

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