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Grassland Roller

GW 250 

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GW 250 / GW 300

Cambridge or toothed ring rollers made by APV are the perfect implements for professional grassland and field operations for improving the soil closure and thus the seed germination. Both types of rollers can be used perfectly well in field and grassland operations, achieving a good, crumbly seedbed structure, as well as optimal reconsolidation.

    • Stimulation of tillering
    • Soil reconsolidation
    • Crumbling of clods
  • Working width
    7.87 ft (2.4m) / 9.8 ft (3 m)

    Working weight (Cambridge roller 15.4 in (390 mm) (without seeder))
    1,053.81 lbs* (478 kg) / 1,243.41 lbs* (564 kg)

    Working weight (Cambridge roller 20.9 in (530 mm) (without seeder)
    1,410.96 lbs* (640 kg) / 1,746.06 lbs* (792 kg)

    Weight (Toothed ring roller 16.1 in (410 mm) (without seeder))
    1,666.69 lbs (756 kg) / 2,006.21 lbs (910 kg)

    Mounting category
    CAT 2

    Tractor power
    37 kW / 50 HP (heavily depends on the lifting power)

    * Corresponds to the implement's net weight; approx. 150 kg should be added for the entire seeder assembly

    • Complete implement with grassland Cambridge roller (Ø 15.4 ft (390 mm) or Ø 20.9 ft (530 mm) or toothed ring roller (Ø 16.1ft (410 mm))
    • Parking supports
    • Toolbox integrated into the roller frame
    • Combination possible with an APV front harrow
    • Combination possible with an APV seeder (PS or MD)
    • Optimal soil adjustment of the roller through movable roller rings
    • Same frame for GW 250 M1 and GW 300 M1 (possibility of upgrade from GW 250 M1 to GW 300 M1 is available)

GW 300 M1
GW 300 M1
GW 300 M1

  • Usable with Pneumatic Seeders with electric / hydraulic fan PS 120 M1, PS 200 M1and PS 300 M1 and with Multi-Metering System MDP 100 M1.

    • Warning signs + lights GW
    • Operating hours counter
    • Accessory kit dispersion plate assembly GK 250 M1
    • Accessory kit dispersion plate assembly GK 300 M1
    • Sensor set: GPSa sensor + tractor linkage upper bar sensor
    • Access platform for Grassland Roller (GW)
    • Mounting kit for Grassland Roller (GW)
    • Mounting kit MD for Grassland Roller (GW)

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