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GP Pro Harrows

At 19'8'' wide, the GP 600 is our fastest, most cost-effective way to complete pasture maintenance

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GP 600 M1

The GP 600 M1 Harrow is the ultimate machine for maintaining large areas of grass, pasture and forage, including seeding and reseeding of grass. Because of the unique combination of 12 mm tines and 8 mm tines, the field of grass is optimally dethatched and weeded. The GP Series, in combination with a PS Series Pneumatic Seeder, will level, dethatch, weed, aerate, reseed, and ensure seed to soil contact... all in one pass and at higher field speeds that virtually any other implement.


    • Removal of shallow-rooted weeds
    • Removal of unwanted thatch
    • Light soil aeration with tines and roller
    • Grass/plant root stimulation
    • Overseeding/reseeding with optional PS Series Pneumatic Seeder
  • Working width
    19.7 ft (6 m)

    Weight (without PS) (Cambridge roller 20.9 in (530 mm))
    8,377.6 lbs (3,800 kg)

    Weight (without PS) (Toothed ring roller 16.1 in (410 mm))
    8,377.6 lbs (3,800 kg)

    Tires (400/60-15.5“)
    2 pcs.

    Mounting category
    CAT 3N

    Tractor performance
    from 100 kW/140 HP

    3 double-acting hydraulics required for chassis, folding and adjustment of roller

    • Complete unit with three beds of tines and roller
    • Spring-mounted levelling plates
    • Beds with bent 12 mm tines (78 pcs.), 8 mm tines (114 pcs.)
    • Heavy Cambridge roller (530 mm) or toothed ring roller (410 mm)
    • The Grassland Pro Harrow has spring-mounted levelling plates to even out mole hills and other soft mounds.
    • Followed by two beds with bent tines of different thickness. This is a unique combination that has been proven to provide excellent results.
    • Every working tool can be used as a single unit (e.g. roller) on its own, or can be changed to any configuration as they are all compatible with one another for various applications depending on the nature of the job.


GP 600 M1
GP 600 M1
GP 600 M1
GP 600 M1
GP 600 M1


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