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Single Disc Spreader

ES 100 M3 Special

ES 100 M3 Special

Accurate spreading of slug pellets and more at wide widths.

Just like the ES 100 M1 Classic NA, the ES 100 M3 Special is suitable for the spreading a variety of materials, especially slug pellets and similar granular products. It includes integrated control point adjustment, a slanted impeller and special impeller vanes. These features allow for greater working widths and more precise
spreading patterns.


    • Cultivation and seeding in one operation
    • Overseeding and cover crop applications
    • Distribution of slug pellets and similar granulates
  • Working width
    up to 92 ft (28 m) (with ‚Metarex‘** slug pellets)*

    Dimensions (with guard bar)
    H 3.0 ft, W 1.7 ft, D 2.0 ft (H 90 cm, W 52 cm, D 63 cm)

    Tank capacity
    3.5 cu ft (100 l)

    Net weight
    66.1 lbs (30 kg)

    Power data
    12 V/25 A

    *dependent on material dispersed
    To achieve uniform distribution for a working width under 4 m, we recommend the use of a precision dispersion plate (see accessories) **"Metarex" is a registered trade mark of Liphatech, Inc.

    • Electric Control Box 3.5 with mountable steel bracket
    • Complete spreader with electrically driven spreader impeller with impeller blades
    • Adaptor sleeves to extend the agitator for grasses
    • Upper linkage mounting mechanism and counter plate
    • 4.9 ft (1.5 m) cable to supply power from the 3-pin connector to the control box, 19.7 ft (6 m) or 49.2 ft (15 m) cable from the spreader to the control box
    • Calibration bag
    • Guard bar
    • Agitator grid
    • Operating instructions and carrier
    • INDUSTRY VERIFIED - Best lateral distribution for slug pellets with a single-disc spreader (Testing provided by an independent testing institute / trade journals).
    • Control point adjustment for scatter distribution
    • Easy adjustment of the working width from the driver's seat
    • Hand grip in steel frame for easy handling
    • High quality control box
    • Automatically relieves bridged / compacted material
    • Various mounting options
    • Hard cover attached to unit
    • Sensor controlled automatic slide valve stops flow automatically (different sensors available) - Please order your desired sensor according to the list below.
    • Precise application rates
    • Durable polyethylene tank
    • Adjustable spreading width (3 ft to 92 ft)
    • No PTO required
    • Standard fixed agitator
    • Dispersion rate controlled electrically


Successful testing by the IRSTEA, an external certification institute

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ES 100 M3 Special
ES 100 M3 Special
ES 100 M3 Special
ES 100 M3 Special
ES 100 M3 Special


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