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Pneumatic Seeders

PS 1600 M1

PS 1200 M1 | PS 1600 M1

Our Largest Pneumatic Seeders to Meet the Most Demanding Operations

Link to PS Series BrochureDownload the PS Series Air Seeder Brochure. Looking to buy the PS 300? Locate the distributor or dealer nearest you!

Want to know more about the PS 1200 or the PS 1600? Please call or email us (contact info at right). Our ag implement professionals are ready to answer your questions. The PS 1200 and PS 1600 are also available pre-configured with our MT2 3-pt Carrier.

With 34.0 and 45.4 bushels of capacity, respectively, the PS 1200 and 1600 offer the largest hopper volumes of our Pneumatic Seeders. All components are integrated to meet the requirements of demanding operations. These implements are equipped with 16 outlets, a powerful hydraulic fan, a steel hopper and many other extras. A factory option of 32 outlets is also available if preferred when dealing with fine seeds.

Because of their size and weight, we recommend that you couple the PS 1200 or 1600 with the APV MT2 Machine Carrier. Mounted on the tractor’s 3-pt hitch, the MT2 M1 allows the opportunity to keep the weight off of your tillage implement while securely towing your implement behind the carrier. Use of the MT2 M1 Machine Carrier, when combined with our Implement Adapter Kit, also provides for ease of connection and
interchangability between multiple implements.

    • Fill level sensor signals when the hopper is low on seed.(When used with control box 5.2, 5.7 or 6.2)
    • Larger hoppers provides longer in-field time.
    • Our largest hopper openings allow for loading with Bulk Bags.
    • Exclusive design minimizes sifting within similar sized blends.
    • When combined with available sensors, headland management provides exact cutoff of metering systems.
  • Maximum Working Width
    60+ ft with hydraulic fan, 32 outlets (depending upon seeding rate and field speed)


    • PS 1200 M1:65in H, 43in W, 89in D
    • PS 1600 M1:71in H, 43in W, 89in D

    Weight (with hydraulic motor)

    • PS 1200 M1:1,037 lbs
    • PS 1600 M1:1,102 lbs

    Hopper Capacity

    • PS 1200 M1:34.0 bushels
    • PS 1600 M1:45.4 bushels
    • Complete seeder with hoses
    • Metering roll for fine seed, metering roll for coarse seed
    • Agitator
    • Control box cable
    • Calibration slide, bag, and scale
    • Fill level sensor and fan pressure monitoring (for use with Control Box 5.2)
    • Dispersion plates and hexagonal bars (for mounting of dispersion plates)
    • Lifting lugs to assist with installation
    • Foreign particle sieve
    • Necessary tools to remove the drive covers (metering roll)
    • Different metering rolls for different seeds and seed blends
    • Accurate and wind independent seed dispersion
    • Monitoring and controlling of the metering roll speed
    • Precise distribution over the full working width
    • Seed discharge function
    • Large opening to accomodate filling with bulk bags
    • Tank discharge port
    • Sealed hopper discharge port
    • Storage for second metering roll
    • Welded steel tank


PS 1600 Side
PS 1600 Front
PS 1600 Close


    • Various farm implements
    • Filling screen (2 pcs. required for each PS)
    • Calibration button
    • Extension cable PS MX 5 m
    • Tractor cable set 8 m

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