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Cover crops provide immense value to soil health and fertility. They are a simple tool for exploiting  the  soil‘s  full  potential  while at  the  same  time potentially reduce inputs such as herbicides and fertilizers.

The following are a few examples of preferred cover crops:

  • Alfalfa and other clover varieties
  • Grasses
  • Mustard
  • Cereal rye
  • Oilseed radish
  • Phacelia
  • Rape seed (Canola)
  • Peas
  • Turnips

These and other varieties can also be used in mixtures.

With  all  cover crops,  the  desired  effect  is  only  obtained  when  the  seed  is  evenly  distributed  over  the  full soil surface. Precision broadcast  seeding  is  the  most  effective  method  in most cases.


PS 300 M1

MT2 M1


Additional advantages of cover crop seeding include:

  • Reduction in soil erosion
  • Weed and pest suppression
  • Improving the viable structure of the soil
  • Increased biological activity
  • Enrichment of the soil with an easily biodegradable organic substance
  • Improved utilization of farm fertilizers
  • Option to use for forage
  • Regeneration of the soil
  • Legumes serve as nitrogen accumulators

Combining our APV PS Series Pneumatic Seeders with virtually any tillage implement of choice saves time and fuel by reducing your time in the field.


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