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Winterdienststreuer WD 40 M2

Regardless whether you need to take care of the area surrounding your single family home or have to get rid of the snow on your company premises - we cam support you.

Winter slowly covers most of the country and snow covers the fields and roads. Do you want to enjoy your winter and don't want to waste too much time on putting down salt and grit? Then let us help you.

Our snow & ice removal equipment is perfectally suited for private use, but also for professional use in municipal areas.


Our equipment

The WD 40 M2 is often built on quads or hitched to pick-up trucks and used in private areas. With its 1.1 bushel (40 l) container, the salt spreader can deliver approx. 110 lbs of salt. Thanks to the CDP coating, the spreader is corrosion-resistant and can also be used in heavy snow.

You can also use the Mini Spreader WD 40 M2 outside of winter for reseeding grass and for fertilizer application.
The Universal Dispensers UDW 100 M1 and UDW 250 M1 are also a reliable partner during the winter months. The dosing unit made of stainless steel is electrically driven. This makes it possible to control the spreading quantity and spreading width from the driver's seat of the tractor or the pick-up truck. In addition to salt, the spreader can also be used to spread corrosive spreading material like fertilizer. The universal dispenser is also provided with a CDP coating.

Due to the container sizes of the UDW, 265 lbs (UDW 100 M1) to 620 lbs (UDW 250 M1) of salt can be spread within one filling. A working width of up to 19.7 ft is no problem for the Mini Spreaders. The precise dosing of up to 44 lbs/min makes the Universal Dispenser a reliable device for your winter service.

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