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PS 1200 M1 | PS 1600 M1

PS 1600 M1

PS 1200 M1 | PS 1600 M1

Professional spreading on large areas!

To also serve farmers with large cultivation areas, the Pneumatic Seeders are designed with larger hopper volumes 1,200 l and 1,600 l. With the PS 1200 M1 and PS 1600 M1, you achieve a working width of 3 – 12 metres with a choice of 16 or 32 outlets.

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    • Seeding cover crops
    • Reseeding of grass
    • Applications with high required spread rates
  • Working width
    9.8-39.4 ft (3-12 m) with electric fan, 16 outlets
    9.8-39.4 ft (3-12 m) with hydraulic fan, 32 outlets (optional)
    (16 outlets with 16 Y-dividers or doubling pieces as accessories available)

    H 65.0 in / 70.9 in x W 43.3 in x D 88.6 in (H 165 cm / 180 cm, W 110 cm, D 225 cm)

    Seed hopper
    Steel hopper with a capacity of 1,200 l / 1,600 l

    Net weight, hydr.
    1,102.3 lbs / 1,179.5 lbs (500 kg / 535 kg)

    Power data
    12 V / 25 A

    1 single-acting control unit (size BG 3) + 1 pressureless return (BG 4) required; max. required pressure: 180 bar, max. required oil quantity: 38 l/min

    • Complete seeder with hoses (75 m)
    • Meter roller for fine seeds, meter roller for large seeds (cereals, grass)
    • Agitator
    • 19.7 ft (6 m) of cable from the seeder to the control box
    • Calibration slide, calibration bag, scale for seed, fill level sensor*, fan pressure monitoring*
    • 16 baffle plates & 8 hexagonal bars (for mounting the baffle plates)
    • Universal bracket for mounting on a soil tillage implement
    • 4 assembly plates
    * For use with Control Box 5.2 NA
    • Different meter rolls (fine seeds and large seeds)
    • Wind-independent and precise spreading of the seed
    • Monitoring and control of the meter roll speed
    • Exact lateral distribution over the whole working width
    • Emptying function
    • Opening for residual emptying
    • Large opening for filling with bulk bags
    • Reversible hopper cover
    • Speed-independent seeding rate & headland management with sensors* (optional))
    • Hectare counter, automatic calibration
    • Reduced workload because the hopper does not require frequent filling
    • Parking position for second meter roll
    * For use with Control Box 5.2 NA


    • Filling screen (2 pcs. required for each PS)
    • Calibration button
    • Extension cable PS MX 5 m
    • Tractor cable set 8 m

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