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Hydraulic fan

  • The HG 300 M1 is a hydraulically driven radial blower fan with backwards-curved rotor blades! It is very resistant to dust and foreign objects, since these do not easily accumulate! For mounting on the implements PS 120 M1 - PS 500 M2, APV provides a mounting kit for each implement including a transition piece and brace. Their design allows you to make use of the maximum air output of the HG 300 in your PS.
  • Designation:
    HG 300 M1

    Impeller diameter:
    300 mm

    Max. blower fan speed:
    5.500 U/min

    Hydraulic motor

    Motor size:
    6,5 cm3

    Max. required oil quantity:
    38 l/min

    Max. required pressure:
    150 bar

    Max. speed:
    5.500 U/min

    Max. motor temperature:

    Hydraulic supply

    Max. required oil quantity:
    1 m

    Max. required pressure:
    220 bar

    Max. oil temperature:

    Item number:

  • PS200-500 (Standard, Fertiliser, Twin)


Hydraulisches Gebläse
Hydraulisches Gebläse

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